Don Stiernberg

Don Stiernberg


Don Stiernberg has learned to play the mandolin with the great Jethro Burns. Later he played together with Jethro as a guitarist - you can find videos of those performances at youtube.

From the beginning Jazz was his music - and today Don Stiernberg is the leading Jazz mandolin player in the world. He has recorded many CDs and published books about playing Jazz on the mandolin. He is regularly teaching all over the World.

I have met Don Stiernberg when I attended the European Mandolin Academies in Trossingen, Germany. I have played in the Jazz ensemble of the Mandolin Academy which was a great experience.


Blogposts about Don Stiernberg:

Videos from the River of the West Mandolin Camp in 2011 – Carlo Aonzo, Don Stiernberg, Brian Oberlin, Peter Ostroushko

Jethro Burns & Don Stiernberg (Mandolins ) with John Parrot (Guitar) – 1985 – Concert at Adler House

European Mandolin and Guitar Academy – Nov. 7 – 11, 2011 – Trossingen


Playlist Don Stiernberg:

Don Stiernberg - Jazz mandolin

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CDs and Books by Don Stiernberg

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Jazz Mandolin Appetizers

A great book for beginning Jazz mandolin - original tunes, chord progressions, rhythm changes etc. - with CD


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