Andy Statman

Andy Statman plays the mandolin and the clarinet as well. He played with David Grisman and has developed his very special style based on Klezmer music, jazz, blues and bluegrass

Some years agio I have found a great piece titled Sentimental Waltz became one of my favorite tunes. Andy's Flatbush Waltz is also very popular, several version of the Flatbush Waltz can be found in my playlist below.



A great fast tune is Andy's Ride which I have learned from the Canadian group Kletztorim. I have a special playlist for this composition below.

Andy's compositions have also been played by the great violinist Itzhak Perlman.

Andy does regularly publish videos in his youtube channel DerechAmuno

Wikipedia about Andy Statman

  Andy Statman Playlists

Klezmer - Andy's Ride

My large playlist with Andy Statman:

Andy Statman

A complete concert - Andy starts with the clarinet and plays the mandolin in the second Part of the concert:

Andy Statman Chabad at UW Benefit Concert

Andy Statman has published a Bluegrass mandolin method titled Teach yourself Bluegrass Mandolin - this was one of my first Bluegrass mandolin books.

Blogposts about Andy Statman

Kleztory – Fantastic Klezmer Band from Canada

Marcelo Fortuna and the Ensemble BARBACUTE – Klezmer and Choro

My link collection about Andy Statman:

Link collection Andy Statman

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CDs and Sheet Music by Andy Statman

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