Caterina Lichtenberg

Caterina Lichtenberg was born in Bulgaria. She has studied with Marga Wilden-Hüsgen. She is the current professor for mandolin at the music university of  Cologne based in Wuppertal, following Marga-Wilden Hüsgen who has established this mandolin professorship.

Caterina Lichtenberg has published 9 CDs with different ensembles.

Together with the Trio Delicado she has played South-American Choro music.

Together with the guitarist and lutenist Mirko Schrader she has formed the Duetto Giocondo. The Duetto Giocondo has recorded music from the 18th - 20th century. You can listen to (and download) many recordings of the Duetto Giocondo by the podcasts of the Spanish Radio (see below).

She is married to Mike Marshall and has recorded several albums during the recent years. In those recordings you can listen to the different sounds of the classical German-style mandolin of Caterina Lichtenberg and the Gibson mandolin of Mike Marshall.


Playlists with Caterina Lichtenberg

Playlist Caterina Lichtenberg

Mike Marshall und Caterina Lichtenberg

Duetto Giocondo - Caterina Lichtenberg - Mirko Schrader


Caterina Lichtenberg und Mike Marshall - Carmel Bach Festival 2014

Podcasts of the Spanish Radio:

The Spanish radio has produced several podcasts with Caterina Lichtenberg in the "tremolo" series. You can listen to the podcast online or download the podcasts.

Trémolo - Duetto Giocondo - 21/11/14

GERSHWIN: Tres preludios (7’09”). B. ISRAEL: Sinfonietta para mandolina y guitarra (7’47”). MITCHELL-DAVIDSON: Rondo (5’42”). Duetto Giocondo. 

Trémolo - Duetto Giocondo - 11/05/14

PEARSON: Mountain Moor (8'11"). W. AYTON: Tres movimientos para mandolina y guitarra (6'46"). D. PINKHAM: Introducción, nocturno y rondó (9'42"). Duetto Giocondo.

Trémolo - Música norteamericana para mandolina - 30/03/14

GERSHWIN: Tres preludios (7'09"). B. ISRAEL: Sonatina para mandolina y guitarra (7'47"). D. BRUBECK: There's a Crowd (1'44"), It's a Raggy Waltz (2'24"). Duetto Giocondo. L. PAPARELLO: Campanas en la noche (4'45"). C. Aquavella (mandolina)

Trémolo - Duetto Giocondo - 17/11/13

SIGNORELLI: Sonata para mandolina y laúd (9'20"). CAPPONI: Sonata para mandolina y laúd (11'17"). Duetto Giocondo.


Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall – Carmel Bach Festival 2014 – Bach, Vivaldi and Choro

The Duetto Giocondo – Caterina Lichtenberg (Mandolin) and Mirko Schrader (Guitar, Lute) – Sonatas for Baroque-Mandolin

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