David Grisman

David Grisman is a very important mandolin player and influencer for the development of the mandolin in the USA. He started playing traditional Blugrass like on the album David Grisman Rounder Bluegrass Album. But he soon stared to try all the mandolin styles that are possible. Influenced by the great Jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli and the music by Django Reinhardt he developed his very own style - Dawg Music.

During the 1980s Grisman founded his David Grisman Quartet / Quintet and has produced several great albums. His band helped many great musicians to start their own career - Mike Marshall, Mark O'Conner, Daron Anger, Tony Rice and many others.

Grisman was very active in recording concerts and sessions, this was the base for his successful music business Acoustic Disk. There you can find many extraordinary recordings of the best acoustic musicians. He published also recordings of many important mandolin players of the past - Dave Apollon, Giovanni Giovale, Jacob do Bandolim. He produced CDs with the great Jethro Burns, and today he helps many young talents to start their recording career as well, giving them a chance to play together with the best musicians.

David Grisman had a long friendship with Jerry Garcia, and he has also made many recordings together with him. A great documentation Greatful Dawg has been filmed about the cooperation of David Grisman and Jerry Garcia.

Although David Grisman owns some of the best old Gibson mandolins he has always searched for other great instruments. So he discovered the Italien luthier Corrado Giacomel whose instruments he is playing (and also selling in the USA) for the last years.


Website David Grisman

Website Acoustic Disc

Website Acoustic Oasis (with a daily free download!)

Wikipedia about David Grisman

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Playlists David Grisman

David Grisman Quartet - Dawg Music

David Grisman Quintet - Dawg Music

Mandolin - Some Compositions by David Grisman

Tipsy Gypsy (David Grisman / Dawg Music)

Dawgs Rag - David Grisman - Mandoline

David Grisman 2015

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Greatful Dawg


David Grisman - Father of Dawg-Music.

The David Grisman Rounder Compact Disc - a great bluegrass CD with great mandolin solos by David Grisman.

My favorite tunes are: "On and On" (Bill Monroe),  "Sawing on the Strings",  "Op. 38" and "Bob's Brewin'"



Dawgmatism + Dawgma – Two related Compositions by David Grisman

David Grisman – Tipsy Gypsy – A Great Swing Tune for Mandolin

El Cumbanchero – Jesse McReynolds and David Grisman

Interview with Mandolin-Masters David Grisman and Chris Thile

Grandpa Banana and his Five String Tenor-Guitar by Corrado Giacomel

Giovanni Gioviale – A Great Italian Mandolinist of the Past

Emory Lester – A Master of the Bluegrass Mandolin – Album “Reminiscing Today”

Perdido – Duke Ellington and George Barnes

Benzinho – A Great Choro by Jacob do Bandolim

Stephane Wrembel – Gypsy Jazz Guitar – Vicky Cristina Barcelona

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