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Sam Bush is one of the really creative mandolin players with a big sound. He was a cofounder of the famous group New Grass Revival which existed between 1971 and 1989. This band brought Rock elements to Bluegrass and has influenced many young players until today.

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CD-Tip Glamour & Grits

(Sugar Hill Records, 1996)

This CD Glamour & Grits belonges to my favorite CDs by Sam Bush. He plays great songs like the County ballad The Ballad of Spider John or the Irish mandolin solo Brilliancy.

Another of my favorite tunes is Watson Allman in which Sam Bush plays the mandolin with a bottleneck like a Hawaiian Steel Guitar - a crazy sound that you should have heard.


youtube Video - Watson Allman

The CD includes also a version of the famous Reggae song by Bob Marley  Is This Love.


youtube Video: Sam Bush and John Cowan - Is This Love

Playlist Sam Bush

The Playlist contains some great old recordings from the 1980s and several complete concerts from the recent years. Sam Bush plays with Mike Marshall, Peter Ostroushko, John Cowen, David Grisman, Mark O'Connor, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas and many others.


Sam Bush has published instructional videos and mandolin books of his pieces.

Examples from the instructional videos are also contained in the playlist above.


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Lonesome Fiddle Blues – One of my favorite tunes

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CDs by Sam Bush

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