Avi Avital

Avi Avital is the most successful classical mandolin player today. Some years ago he got a recording contract from the Detsche Grammophon. He has recoded three CDs (Bach, Between Worlds, and recently Vivaldi) with Deutsche Grammophon which are very successful.

Avi is touring around the world and is playing concerts in many countries - Germany, Israel, USA. You can find many videos made by radio stations with a very good quality.

Avi Avital was born Beer Sheba in Israel and decided to learn the mandolin, but there was no teacher for the mandolin. So he was instructed by the violin teacher and so got a very good training for classical music.

Avi has played together with Giora Feidman for a long time. There he also played with the framdrum specialist Murat Coşkun who lives in Freiburg. He played a concert with Murat Coşkun in Freiburg - a great performance and a fantastic concert.

Avi Avital played his world music concert also in New York in the famous Carnegie Hall.

A speciality of Avi is that he usually makes a  "view from the stage" picture of the audience of his concerts at the end of the concert and shares those with twitter. As the other important playersw from Israel Avi plays a mandolin by the Israelian luthier Arik Kerman.

You can find mor information about Avi Avital in my blog posts.


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