Carlo Aonzo

Carlo Aonzo is one of the most successful and active mandolin players in Italy today. He plays almost everything, from typical Italian mandolin music to classical mandolin music, Bluegrass, Jazz and world music.

He does regularly perform at mandolin festivals. And he is permanently trying to improve the situation of the mandolin in his home country Italy.

He has made some very interesting recordings of works by Italian mandolin players that have emigrated to the USA:

Traversata (with David Grisman and guitarist Bepe Gampetta)

Serenata (with guitarist Bepe Gampetta)

He is teaching around the world, especially in the USA and in Italy where he is directing his International Mandolin Academy:

International Mandolin Academy directed by Maestro Carlo Aonzo

Carlo Aonzo plays a mandolin by Gabriele Pandini. You can see and hear it in the following video with the Concert in A-minor by Raffaele Calace:


Raffaele Calace - Concerto in La minore n°2 Op.144 - III Movimento - Allegro

Beim Eurofestival Zupfmusik 2014 trat Carlo Aonzo zusammen mit seinem Trio mit Claudio Bellato und Loris Lombardo auf. In dieser Besetzung spielen sie zum Beispiel "Spain" von Chick Corea, hier ein Video von 2012 mit diesem Stück:

Carlo Aonzo, Loris Lombardo, Claudio Bellato - Spain

Playlists Carlo Aonzo

Mandoline - Carlo Aonzo

Carlo Aonzo - Classical Mandolin Virtuoso

Carlo Aonzo - Italian Music


Carlo Aonzo has puplished sheet music for the mandolin. My recommendation for players of typical Italian mandolin music is the book Northern Italian & Ticino Region Folk Songs for Mandolin. This books contains a nice selection of typical Italian tunes. It includes a CD with performances of all the tunes.


Blogposts about Carlo Aonzo

Videos from the River of the West Mandolin Camp in 2011 – Carlo Aonzo, Don Stiernberg, Brian Oberlin, Peter Ostroushko

Raffaele Calace – VI Mazurka Op. 141 – For Mandolin & Guitar / Mandolin Orchestra

La Fustemberg – Variations by Antoine Riggieri for Solo Mandolin – Free Sheet Music in the National Library of France

O mio babbino caro – Puccini – Wonderful Melody

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CDs und Noten von Carlo Aonzo

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