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Giuseppe Anedda (1912 – 1997) was the leading mandolin player in Italy between the 1940s and the 1980s. This was a time when the mandolin was not very much seen as an important classical instrument. After the Second World War Anedda began to research for the music originally composed for the mandolin and has performed works that had been forgotten for a long time. In 1948 he played the concert for two mandolins and orchestra by Antonio Vivaldi for the first time in our time.

Giuseppe Anedda played all over the world, including in Japan and also in the New York Carnegie Hall. I have found some information and used it for my blog post, and I could by 4 original photos which are also shown in my blog. Together with the photos I got an original flyer for Giuseppe Anedd which includes many quotes form newspapers around the world.

Playliste Giuseppe Anedda

Mandoline - Giuseppe Anedda

Recordings by Giuseppe Anedda can be found in the streaming sites like spotify or deezer. One of my favorite albums is an album with Italian folk music.
Anedda plays the mandolin with virtuosity


Blogposts about Giuseppe Anedda

Giuseppe Anedda – 1912 – 1997 – Italiens großer Mandolinist des 20. Jahrhunderts (only in German)

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