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Stellario Cambria - Compositions for the Mandolin

On this page I am compiling information about the compositions by Stellario Cambria for the mandolin.

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Stellario Cambria - Kompositionen für Mandoline

Auf dieser Seite werde ich Informationen über die Musik von Stellario Cambria zusammenstellen. 

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Original Recording by Stellario Cambria

Originalaufnahme von Stellario Cambria

Invocation für Mandoline Solo

Stellario Cambria war ein Mandolinen-Virtuose und Lehrer für Mandoline und Gitarre. Er wirkte zu Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts in New York. Er starb 1938.

Bild und Text aus "The Crescendo" Magazin Vol. 19, Oct. 1926


Die Originalaufnahme von Invocation komponiert und gespielt von Stellario Cambria von 1922 wurde in der Radio Show von Mac Edison's Attic gespielt, ich habe das Stücke bei tumblr veröffentlicht:

Invocation - Mandolin Solo

Composed and played by Stellario Cambria

recorded in 1922

Stellario Cambria was a mandolin virtuoso and mandolin teacher who was active in New York between 1900 and 1925, he died in 1938

This is the only recording that has survived as far as I know. I have extracted it from Mac's Radio Show Edson Attic and loaded it to my tumblr site to make it easily available.


OptionsThomas Edison's Attic: Playlist from July 29, 2003 Options


Invocation (Stellario Cambria) Mandolin Solo - Record Label

Youtube Playliste - Stellario Cambria

I have compiled some recordings of works by Stellario Cambria in the following playlist.

Ich habe Aufnahmen von Kompositionen von Stellario Cambria in der folgenden Playliste zusammengestellt.

Playliste Stellario Cambria

Katalog der Kompositionen

A catalog of the compositions by Stellario Cambria

Dieser Katalog wurde bei ebay versteigert. Er zeigt die Anfänge einiger Kompositionen von Stellario Cambria.

This thematic catalog has been sold on ebay some time ago. It shows the beginning of many of the compositions by Stellario Cambria


Stellario Cambria - La Ravissante - Ame Voltigeuse


Stellario Cambria - Invovation (Invocazione) - Wild Daisy


Stellario Cambria:

Bleeding Heart

I Contadini in Festa (Feast of the Peasants)

L'Alba (The Dawn)


Stellario Cambria - Petite Barcarolle - Serenade - Song of the Fairies


Stellario Cambria - Sleep my little Angel - Reminiscenze


Stellario Cambria - Occhi Affascinanti - Mazurka


Stellario Cambria - Sourire d'Ange - Valzer


Stellario Cambria - Bacio D'Angelo (Angel's Kiss) - Ricordo


Stellario Cambria - Visioni - Birinchino


Stellario Cambria - L'Ideale - Riflessioni


Stellario Cambria - Sweed Dream (Dolce s...)


Stellario Cambria - Farfalletta - The Speed

Compositions by Stellario Cambria in the Nakano Archive

12 compositions by Stellario Cambria have survived in the Nakano Archive (Japan).
  • L'Alba           1163     M&P
  • Ame Voltigeuse           1164     M solo
  • Anileda           1165      
  • Bleeding Heart           1166     M solo
  • I Contadini in Festa           1167      
  • Invocation           1168     M solo
  • Reminiscenze           1169     M&P
  • Rondinella           1170     M&P
  • Trio           1171     Mn,Mla,Mc
  • Song of the Fairies           1172      
  • Sweet Dream           1173     M&P
  • Wild Daisy           1174     M solo

Alphabetische Liste der Kompositionen - Alphabetical list of compositions

  • Ah! Ah! �@op. 21            Polka
  • Ame Voltigeuse (Petite Fantasie de Concert)
  • Anileda �@op. 24         Spanish waltz
  • Bacio D'Angelo �@op. 38        Valse
  • Belle       Valzer
  • Birichino  Valzer
  • Bleeding heart �@op. 25     Romance
  • Farfalletta �@op. 30          Polka
  • I contadini in festa �@op. 32         Tarantella
  • Il 16 Dicembre �@op. 20        March.
  • Invocation
  • L'alba        Mazurka da Concerto
  • L'Ideale �@op. 14         Valse
  • La Ravissante �@op. 22   Mazurka
  • Leggiadria      Mazurka
  • Occhi Affascinanti    Mazurka
  • O Sole mio (Œ´‹È: CAPUA�ì)
  • Petite Barcarolle Serenade
  • Reminiscenze  Serenata
  • Ricordo    Valzer
  • Riflessioni    Fantaisie-Valse
  • Rondinella    Mazurka de Concerto
  • Serenade
  • Song of the Fairies
  • Sun flower valse �@op. 40
  • Sweet dream      Valzer di Concerto
  • The Speed �@op. 23       Polka di Concerto
  • Then you'll remember me         Carl Fischer
  • Trio for mandolin, mandola and mandocello (1914) (Plectrio Pub. Co.)
  • Valse de Musette �@op. 40
  • Vision    Valzer
  • Wild Daisy     Luckhardt & Belder�

Stellario Cambria - Trio for mandolin, mandola and mandocello

Neill Gladd offers a free download of a Trio for mandolin, mandola and mandocello by Stellario Cambria. He has played compositions by Stellario Cambria in his programs.

You can download it from the following page:

Neill Gladd - Publications

Sheet Music by Stellario Cambria that I own

I have recently acquired the sheet music of two pieces by Stellario Cambria. I will provide scans within the next weeks.

Sheet music by Stellario Cambria (musicaneo)

Copyright entries

The following documents are containing copyright entries of works by Stellario Cambria

Catalog of Copyright Entries, 1913 Musical Compositions Last Half of 1913 July-Dec New Series Vol 8 Part 2 (1913)

Catalog of Copyright Entries, 1919 Music First Half of 1919 New Series Vol 14 Part 3 (1919)

Catalog of Copyright Entries, 1925 Musical Compositions For the Year 1925 New Series Vol 20 Part 3 (1925)
















Stellario Cambria and his Mandolin Programme


Stellario Cambria and his Mandolin Programme

Stellarlo Cambria, mandolin player, will be the high spot at WAHG on Wednesday night. Not only is Mr. Cambria a great artist, but much of the present day mandolin literature is of his composition. At 8.15 and again at 9.30 Mr. Cambria will present many of his own compositions. During the latter period the composer will improvise on his impressions of a broadcasting studio, and a wax record of this original conception will be made while the composer plays.

Program of concert given by the Cambria Mandolin Club


Stellario Cambria - The Crescendo Oct. 1926

"I think that the mandolin is coming back again good and strong."


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