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Hawaiian Guitar Harp Introduced to Public


The Hawaiian Guitar Harp

A new instrument lias been added to the stringed instrument family. Its popularity seems assured since it is closely akin to the most popular instrument of the clay. In fact, the new instrument is now presented because of the popularity of its forbear—the Hawaiian or steel guitar.

The new instrument is to be known as the Hawaiian guitar harp. It resembles a harp in form only. In the method of playing it is similar to the steel guitar. The present player of Hawaiian or steel guitar music will greatly enjoy the new instrument, but—and here is where the makers lay stress for the entire music industry—anyone can play the Hawaiian guitar harp without any knowledge whatsoever of music. This may be accomplished by means of the simplified instruction and song book, which has been prepared for the instrument.

The Hawaiian guitar harp is strung with 3 melody strings tuned A, CS, R, corresponding exactly to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings of the regulation Hawaiian guitar. In addition, there are four sets of chord strings. Each set consisting of four strings. A tuning diagram on the face of the instrument permits ready reference; an eleven-note pitchpipe is also made available.

The instruction book offered in connection with the Hawaiian guitar harp is unique. It emphasizes the claim that anyone may learn to play the instrument the day they receive it. Familiar airs are reduced to simple diagram. Numbers and letters corresponding to the diagrams on the face of the instrument appear in the instructions. By merely following these numbers and letters the instrument may immediately be played in a tuneful manner. The instruction book was prepared by George A. Peate, wellknown instructor and originator of simplified methods. The instruments are properly tuned when they leave the factory, so that the beginner experiences no difficulty in commencing to play.

"Ever since the overwhelming ukulele craze of a few years ago began to wane' says Jay Kraus, of the Harmony Co., makers of the new instrument, "the entire music industry, including retailers and wholesalers, have been asking for a new instrument that would be as simple, as practical and afford as much pleasure to nonmusicians as the ukulele. In this new instrument we believe we have fully filled these qualifications and we look for it to secure an immediate foothold with the American Public."

Tests have already been made of the broadcasting possibilities of the new instrument and are reported highly successful, so that it is probable that the Hawaiian Guitar Harp will be added to the great category of instruments now heard through the ether, which may help to fulfill the prediction that it will supply a welcome stimulus to the instrument business when it becomes better known.

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A New Instrument that anyone can play



Vega Guitars - The New Vegavox III



The New Vegavox III


Greater Than Ever!

New Designs - New Beauty - New Features



Playasax -  A Musical Novelty - A Selling Novelty


There's pleasure in producing a novelty like the Playasax—There's pleasure in selling it. The toy is a live entertainer that captures any crowd's curiosity. Every one wants to play it, and its 16 note rolls produce real music. That music, with the toy's golden finish and saxophone-like shape, requires little time to change interested spectators into enthusiastic purchasers. There are no ifs about the Playasax's popularity. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, M.G.M. movie team, are using it in their latest talkie comedies—And so is Glenn Tryon of Universal Pictures—A pretty good sign that the Playasax is going to enjoy a handsome future. And to continue—Playasax orders are already totaling well into the hundred thousands. Yes, the Playasax exhibits quite a bit of "Sax Appeal." Moreover it has a great variety of music rolls for all occasions—and you get a 40% profit.


Durro Violins - Buegeleisen & Jacobson


A. Rosati - World Renowned Piano Key Accordions



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