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Bandola Patent in Dispute



[Special to The Review.]

St. Albans, Vt., Sept. 17, 1901.

In Chittenden County Court the somewhat celebrated case of John H. Parker vs. Mc- Kannon Bros., of Burlington, has again come up on a motion for a continuance made by the defendant. This suit is to recover of McKannon Bros., for an alleged breach of contract. The plaintiff invented and had patented a musical instrument known as the Bandola. He entered into a contract with the defendant to buy all the instruments manufactured and to advertise and display the same in their show windows. He claims the defendants failed to perforn their part of the contract, hence the suit. The defendants' motion for continuance is on the grounds that the instrument is an infringement of a patent known as the guitar-banjo, and that the State Court has not jurisdiction in determining the matter. They want a continuance until it can be definitely ascertained which court has jurisdiction. The plaintiff insists that the State Court has jurisdiction in this particular case. The court took the matter into consideration to announce a decision later.

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Parker gets Verdict for $1,127.50



[Special to The Review.]

Burlington, Vt, March 16, 1903.

A suit of general interest to the trade was heard at the March term of Chittenden County Court held here this week. It was the case of J. H. Parker vs. McKannon Bros. Mr. Parker is a musician and the manufacturer of a musical instrument called the bandola. In 1899 he made a contract with Mc- Kannon Bros., who were to take not over three instruments per week, were to market them and were to pay Mr. Parker a certain per cent, of the profit. This they did, the plaintiff claims, for several months and then refused to receive more instruments. The defendants claim that the contract was secured fraudulently, that the plaintiff abandoned the contract, that he had an invalid patent, and that his patent was an infringement on another patent. The jury returned a sealed verdict awarding damages at $1,127.50.

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The suit of John H. Parker, manufacturer of the "Bandola," against McKannon Bros. & Co., Burlington, Vt, was finally settled last Saturday by the payment to Mr. Parker of the sum of $1,227. The matter has been in litigation since July, 1900, over the validity of Mr. Parker's patents on this instrument. The original suit was for the alleged non-performance of a contract.

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