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The Music Trade Review was published out of New York from 1878 until at least 1956. It apparently suspended publication with the January 1933 issue. Publication was resumed under different management sometime between 1937 and 1940. Our online library contains issues from 1880 to 1933, and from 1940 to 1954. Additional years are available for review at a number of libraries. Search for more information about the holdings of other libraries, or ask your local librarian for assistance.

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1898 - The "Wonder" Mandolin



The "Wonder" Mandolin.


Talking of the "Wonder" mandolins, the musical qualities of which have been so highly praised by experts, the Elkhart Truth says:
The "Wonder" mandolins will drive inferior instruments out of the market, except in department stores and among dealers in shoddy instruments, and musicians will be greatly benefitted. The reason for this change is the establishing of a factory in Elkhart, Ind., for the exclusive production of high grade mandolins and guitars. The dish-pan method of manufacturing inferior instruments of these classes will be largely discontinued, and there will be a corresponding advance in the proficiency of performers. Good instruments make excellent performers. This axiom needs no explanation.

Experience has demonstrated that the Neapolitan mandolins are the best. They rank in the mandolin world in about the same degree that Cremona violins do in their section of the musical instrument family. Any good mandolin player will verify this statement, or, if possible, better proof can be obtained by comparing a genuine Vinaccia mandolin with the instrument of an American maker. The reason for this superiority is obvious in that Vinaccia and other first-class Neapolitan makers used nothing but old seasoned wood. Their models are the result of years of experiment and experience, and their workmen are educated mandolin makers, and not ordinary carpenters employed to stick mandolins together as they would common soap boxes.

In order to begin the manufacture of mandolins properly, C. G. Conn first employed a corps of Neapolitan mandolin makers, who were placed under the direction of the world's greatest master in this particular line. He then brought together a quantity of rare old wood, and with the aid of the very best tools and machinery known to the industry, is now turning out " Wonder " mandolins that are really wonderful when it comes to a question of merit and excellence.

This statement is easy to make. It requires nothing but the use of a pencil and paper and the efforts of a few rnoments, but it is susceptible of proof and is written to induce musicians to give the "Wonder" mandolin a trial. This magnificent instrument will be sent to any address for six days' trial and comparison with any other mandolin. It is not as cheap in price as a fire-cracker or a department mandolin, but when its musical merits are compared it is worth more than all the mandolins ever sold of the ordinary kind. It is an instrument which can be played in tune because its finger-board is perfectly fretted, and the workmanship is of such a nature that the instrument will withstand years and years of active use.

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