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Music Trade Review 1897 - Ausgabe 24-1

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Music Trade Review - Music Industry Magazine

Online Library: 1880 - 1933, 1940-1954

The Music Trade Review was published out of New York from 1878 until at least 1956. It apparently suspended publication with the January 1933 issue. Publication was resumed under different management sometime between 1937 and 1940. Our online library contains issues from 1880 to 1933, and from 1940 to 1954. Additional years are available for review at a number of libraries. Search for more information about the holdings of other libraries, or ask your local librarian for assistance.

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Auf dieser Seite habe ich verschiedene Anzeigen und Texte aus dem Heft 1897-24-1 zusammengestellt.

On this page I have compiled several ads and texts from the issue 1897-24-1

Piano - Cornet -Symphonion Music Boxes & Zither

Ludwig & Co - Piano Manufacor'rs1897-24-1-ludwig-piano.jpg

The Wonder... Solo Cornet


Symphonion Music Boxes


Apollo Harp - Phonoharp - Autoharp

Apollo Harp


Phonoharp Co.


Phonoharp Co.

J. Leverett Pierce, president of the Phonoharp Co., East Boston, Mass., reports a heavy and increasing demand  for the phonoharps and Columbia zithers, manufactured by this well-known house.1897-24-1-phonoharp.jpg

A popular Autoharp Style


Violin Wood

A text about the wood used for building violins

Ein interessanter Text über Tonholz zum Bau von VIolinen


Converse Banjo - Washburn Mandolin - Menzenhauer Guitar Zither

The Converse Solid Arm Banjo


The New Washburn 1897 Model


A mandolin patent


The Menzenhauer Guitar Zither Co.

These Beautiful Instruments speak for Themselves

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