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The Music Trade Review was published out of New York from 1878 until at least 1956. It apparently suspended publication with the January 1933 issue. Publication was resumed under different management sometime between 1937 and 1940. Our online library contains issues from 1880 to 1933, and from 1940 to 1954. Additional years are available for review at a number of libraries. Search for more information about the holdings of other libraries, or ask your local librarian for assistance.

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1896 - New Washburn 1897 Model

washburn-mandolins-1896-01.jpg washburn-mandolins-1896-02.jpg

Washburn Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, Zithers

Awarded the Diploma D'Honneuer and Gold Medal at the

Antwerp International Exhibition, 1894

PDF: MTR-1896-23-2/10/

No Musical Stock is complete without the

New Washburn

1897 Model

Retailing from $15.00 upward.

Acknowledged by all Leading Musicians of the world to be superior in tone and workmanship to any instruments yet constructed.

The new 1897 Washburn Mandolin is a Radical Departure from Former Styles.

The method of construction is wholly different. The new model is the result of months of study and combines the ideas of the acknowledged leading mandolin experts of the country. It produces the quality of tone now demanded by the acknowledged artists of the day and approaches nearer to the mellow, yet powerful, tone of a Stradivarius violin than any mandolin ever heretofore constructed.

LYON & HEALY, Chicago.

PDF: MTR-1896-23-10/16/

Martin Guitars, Menzenhauer Guitar Zither, Réne Grunewald



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