Requisites of a Mandolinst

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Requisites of a Mandolinst

Requisites of a Mandolinst
Pandura, or Neapolitan Greater Mandolin
Bandurria, or Spanish Mandolin 
Manjeaurine, or Mandolin-Banjo
The Artist's Mandolin
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By Paul Cessna Gerhart

published in Godey's magazine. v. 135 (July - Dec. 1897). p. 255ff

WHEN the subject of stringed instruments, and more especially the mandolin, is introduced for conversation and discussion, it is likely that the tryo will give little heed to the ideas advanced by the enthusiast, and the subject will be dismissed with a few casual incorrect remarks concerning the same. Should a little examination or investigation be begun, however, it will be found that the later stringed instruments have an interest and charm and possess a certain fascination which cannot be denied or wholly explained. Of these instruments the mandolin undoubtedly ranks as the first and foremost, not only because it is the most difficult to learn to play well, but also because of the many natural advantages which it possesses over its sister instruments. From its very origin and nature the mandolin certainly stands pre-eminently as the instrument of its class. An analysis of this fact discloses certain circumstances which commend that instrument for general use. Among the points of advantage which can be claimed for the mandolin are its particular adaptability to all occasions whether in-door or out, its beautifid proportions and elegant shape, which, when combined with its pure, sweet, and mellow tone, and the general character of the music which it is capable of producing, unquestionably recommends it to general as well as particular use and interest. Then, too, being the evolution or product of principles which are so ancient, and grounded, as they are, in the history of the music-loving and developing races, the mandolin can be said to have attained its almost full perfection and grace, while the possession of one of these dainty instruments and mastery of same, certainly give unbounded satisfaction and pleasure.

In order to obtain the best results from the mandolin and feel sure that one has thoroughly understood and appreciated his instrument, it will be necessary to know several points which may not suggest themselves at once to the novice. A full acquaintance with the possibilities and special features and characteristics of the mandolin, and a knowledge of the methods and means best adapted to a thorough mastery of the instrument, are a paramount necessity. It is, therefore, the aim of this article to assist, if possible, the student of the mandolin to a better comprehension of the primary principles upon which the mandolin of today is founded; and also of some of the later additional features which so greatly enhance its utility.

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