Builders / Luthiers

Luthiers of mandolins, mandolas, mando-cellos and other fretted instruments

On this page I have collected builders / luthiers of mandolins

These are some of the best builders of mandolins, guitars and other plucked instruments from Germany and Switzerland, as well as some other builders from Australia, Newzealand, Japan and other countries.

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German builders

Dr. Thilo Fitzner has visited the German luthiers of mandolins in 2021/2022. You can find short articles about the German luthiers here: Kurzportraits der deutschen Mandolinenbauer


See some pictures of German mandolins from the instrument exhibitions of the Eurofestival Zupfmusik:


More pictures from the Upgrade Mandolin Guitar Festival in Berlin in 2015:


I have made a video with many pictures from instruments exhibitions: Mandolinen aus Deutschland

You can find other German luthiers by searching for  "Zupfinstrumente" on the website of the information centre  Website des MIZ

There you can also find an atlas of luthiers in Germany: Musikatlas der Instrumentenbauer

Another recommended website (in German only) is There you can finde luthiers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Several publications present the luthiers of the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These are available as pdf download.


French builders

Herve Coufleau - he has built my red F5 mandolin! (website no more available - Hervé Coufleau at Facebook)


Builders from the Netherlands

Hendrik van den Broek - builds copies of the Embergher 5 model (website no more online)


Italian builders

Calace - Liuteria del plettro fondata nel 1825 
(nice pictures of Calace mandolins can be found in Shop der Fana Corporation, Japan)

Carlo Mazzaccara

Liuteria d'insieme

Liuteria Lodi

Musikalia - Dott. Alfio Leone

Gabriele Pandini

Anema e corde - Anema e Corde (website) - 5 young luthiers from Napoli

Mario Vorraro (Neapel)

Federico Gabrielli (Milano)


Japanese builders - Members of the Japan String Instruments Makers Association (JSIMA)

KOBAYASHI, Shigeru [professional member / M]

NAITO, YASUYOSHI [professional member / M]

NAKADE, Rokutaro [professional member / G/M]

OCHIAI, Daigoro [professional member / M] (available from: ikegaku)

WATANABE, Hiroaki [professional member / G/M]

Yokouchinohanako [professional member / M]

YONEMARU, Kenji [professional member / M]

Suzuki-Mandolins ( - see also Suzuki Links)

Liuteria Noguchi


Builders from England / GB

Andy Manson - is building custom guitars and f-mandolins, but also such special instruments as playable marmaids and mandolins with three necks - a must see!

Paul Hathway - building many different instruments including mandolins, mandoloncellos und bouzoukis

Antony Dixon - Instruments for Individuals


Builders from Canada

Brian Dean - a very interestig luthier with lots of great instruments!

Larry Muth - another interesting builder from Canada! Larry builds A-, F- and Twopoint-mandolins


More builders

The Guitarworkshop - Kurt Decorte

Sebastián Núñez - Maker of fine Early Musical Instruments, Lutes, Vihuelas, Early Guitars & Harpsichords, Specialized Restorer of Historical Guitars

Peter Coombe - with many pictures of his building of an A mandolin

Gerhard Bode-Labusch

Instrumentenbau Jon A. Piguet

DS Custom Guitars - Daniel Schär (electric mandolins)

Beltona Resonator Instruments - A beautiful resonator mandolin and mandola

IL LIUTAIO MAGICO - another site with pictures of old mandolins

Gerd Nikolaiski in Basel (Switzerland) builds guitars: and

Peter Duffy, has learned from Stephen Gilchrist and builds guitars, bouzoukis and mandocellos

Chris G. Pantazelos builds differnt kinds of plucked string instruments, including reek Bouzouki (Similar to the bowl-back Mandolin but with a longer neck), Irish Bouzouki, American bowl-back, as well as Guitars and other common stringed instruments. Visit his website Spartan Instruments 

You can also find some interesting links on page Interessante Links and you can check my bookmarks: lutherie+mandolin

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