Songbook Choro

Songbook Choro - 97 Great Choros from the Songbook Choro

Songbook Choro - Discover the Choro Music of Brazil      

Created by Almir Chediak; Lumiar Editoria, Rio de Janeiro, 2007

I have beagun to practice the songs from the  Songbook Choro. For every piece I try to find recordings or videos. There are 97 choros in this songbook, and I will nedd some time to complete this, and maybe I will leave out some of the pieces.

I am currently changing the complete layout of this Songbook Choro pages in the German version, with one main video for each Choro in the Songbook Choro, and only ca. 5 choros per page. I think this will be better than my first version - so maybe the German version is interesting for you:

Songook Choro Pages (German)

Enlish Version will be updated later

1 - A ginga do mané - Jacob do Bandolim

I have skipped this, the melody goes  down to the lower F - it is too low for the mandolin.

There are several videos at youtube:

Ginga do Mané-Jacob do Bandolim-Nicolas Krassik played on the violin, jazzy
Rogério Caetano, Amoy Ribas e Eduardo Neves. Programa Talentos-Tv Câmara. with flute, guitar and pandeiro - jazzy
Grup Um a Zero etwas gemütlichere, typische Choro-Version, auch mit Flöte, schön zu sehen das Cavaquinho
Choro das Tres very fast, with banjo and flute
Victor Angeleas e Vinícius Vianna at last a version with 10-string mandolin and guitar

2 - A vida é um buraco - Pixinguinha

I like to play this, it's really fun. I have played it very often and lerant it by heart.

There is a video played on the flute by Dudu da Flauto:

Dudu da Flauto - A vida é um buraco

You can find an hour with Music of Pixinguinha on in the archive:

3 - Agüenta Seu Fulgêncio - Jacob do Bandolim

Agüenta Seu Fulgencio is a very popular tune. I have found several youtube videos. I like this tune, the first part includes a very tricky part that needs some practice!

Choro das Tres - Video 1
Choro das Tres -  Video 2 Both versions by Choro das Tres are played very fast on a tenor banjo - the sound is 5 notes lower compared to the mandolin.
Son de Caribe Son de Caribe are playing this melody a bit slower with steeldrum, guitar and percussion. This version is good for learning and practicing the tune!
Trio Madeira do Brasil On this version the mandolin is unfortunately not recorded very well.

4 - Alma Brasileira - Fernando Magelhaes e Judas Isgorogota

A fantastic waltz! I knew that I had heard this melody, then I found the recording on my Jacob do Bandolim CD.

Easy to be played, but with tremolo if possible. Would be also good for a version for mandolin orchestra.

Jacob do Bandolim plays this a bit to hard, I would prefer a softer version.

You can find another recording of Alma Brasileira ion the Homepage of the small mandolin orchestra Spokandolin.

5 - Alvorada - Jacob do Bandolim

I have not played this spanisch influenced choro yet. You can find a short example from a CD by Jacob do bandolim at:

Jacob do Bandolim

6 - Amigo bandolim - Cristovao Bastos

This is a special composition for the mandolin with many chords and certainly not easy to play. It was recorded for the CD Domingo Na Geral by Cristóvão Bastos and the group Nó em Pingo D'Água. A short example can be found on Domingo Na Geral 

7 - Amor nao se compra

This choro has been recorded with trumpet by Joatan Nascimento on his CD Eu Choro Assim. A short example can be found at

This choro is quite easy, only the second part in g-minor is a little more difficult.

8 - Ano novo

9 - Apanhei-te cavaquinho von Ernesto Nazareth

This seams to be one of the favorites of Armadinho, there are several version by hin at youtube: Version von Armadinho


Another version is used as the background music in the movie Road to Rio (1947) with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Most of the time the music is heard in the background, but in the end the dancing musicians are shown - very funny!

Mike Marshall und Hamilton de Holanda have combined this melody with the bluegrass classic Blackberry Blossom - also a very interesting version!

10 - Araponga - Louis Gonzaga

This tune is also contained in my Jacom do Bandolim book - one of my favorites.

11 - Assanhado - Jacob do Bandolim

This is one of the often played Choros by Jacob do Bandolim.

There are many videos of this at youtube:

youtube videos assanhado + bandolim

A selection of the most interesting videos:

Armadinho e Epoca de Ouro

Armadinho und das Tucan Trio

jazzige Version mit Saxofon, Schlagzeug und 10-saitigem bandolim

Paulo Sà Quartett in Italien

Fernando Sodré (viola)

12 - Atlantico - Ernesto Nazareth

Atlantico is one of the well known choros by Ernesto Nazareth.  This video is played by an inknown group, the melody is first played by a flute. Later a cavaquinho and a piano take over the melody.

A short example can be found at Jacob do Bandolim

13 - Atraente - Chiquinha Gonzaga

Atraente was composed by the female composer Chiquinha Gonzaga (1847-1935)

Some information about the composer can be found on the homepage of Ante Schrupp Homepage von Antje Schrupp

She composed the first carneval song Abra Alas in history and is known as the mother of all  carneval prozessions. Atraent was her first successfull composition in 1877.

I found a video of the pianist Clara Sverne who played Atraent for the 160th birthday of Chiquinha Gonzaga. Atraente is the last piece in the video.

Another videos shows Talitha Perese with a trio with gitar, cavaquinho and pandeiro.

You can find a free score of Atraente at 

Another source for information abaout Chiquinha Gonzaga is the homepage dedicated to her:

14 - Beliscando

I have not found videos of this piece yet.

15 - Benzinho - Jacob do Bandolim

Benzinho is another well known choro by Jacob do Bandolim. I have found 3 videos at youtube, including an interesting duo with jazz-guitarists Howard Alden and Michele Ramo. So Benzinho can also be played in a jazzy way.

Benzinho videos at youtube

16 - Bolo bole - Jacob do Bandolim

17 - Boneca - Benedito Lacerda e Albo Cabral

18 - Bonicrates de Muleta - Jacob do Bandolim

19 - Cadencia - Joventino Maciel

20 - Caminhando - Nelson Cavaquinho e Norival Bahia

This is one of my favorite choros at the moment. As it is a slower one, it is good to start wih - it is not so difficult.

I have found 3 videos at youtube until now, where the melody is played by flute, cavaquinho and mandolin.

youtube videos caminhando + cavaquinho

21  Canarinho Teimoso - Altamiro Carrilho

The first choro in this selection by the flutist Altamiro Carrilho. I have not found a video of Canarinho Teimoso, but I have found many videos with Altamiro Carrilho.

Ther are also some videos of a group named after this song: Videos of the Groupo Canarinho Teimoso

The first 30 seconds of this song in two different versions can be found at discosdobrasil 

22  Carinhoso  - Pixinguinha

Carinhoso is one of the most popular choros in this selection - everybody in Brazil knows this and can sing it.

There are many youtube videos of Carinhoso, I found the following videos most interesting:

23 Carioca No. 1 - Nicanor Teixeira

Nicanor Teixeira is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. I have not found a video with the Carioca No. 1, but I have found a recording of this piece in the blog: 

VIOLÃO com Fábio Zanon 

In this blog you can download a complete one hour radio broadcast by Fábio Zanon with music played and composed by Nicanor Teixeira.

The Carioca 1 is a nice chord progression and is not too difficult.

From this blog you can also find another interesting series of broadcasts by Fábio Zanon - a series about the art of the guitar, beginning with Llobet and Pujol, Agustin Barrios, Segovia until the beginning of the 21st century: 

A Arte do Violão - Programas idealizados e apresentados por Fábio Zanon

24  Cem Anos de Choro - Capiba

25  Chorando pra Pixinguinha - Toquinho

26  Chorinho do Sovaco de Cobra - Abel Ferreira

27 Chorinho na Gafieira  - Astor Silva

After a break for some time I have returned to the songbook choro and have dicovered the Chorinho na gafieira, a more slow choro composed by Astor Silva who was a trombone player and popular arranger and producer.

I have found two versions at youtube, first a recording from the "Show do Sardinha's Club" beim  "Festival Sul Americano". The melody  is played by trombone, followed by Eduardo Neves (flute) and Bernardo Bosísio (7-string guitar). The bandolim in this video is played by Rodrigio Lessa, who also playes a nice solo. This choro is played in a jazzy mood.

The second video is similar, also with trombone, flute and clarinet. The music is used for a dance performace.

Show do Murmurando no Teatro José de Alencar, em 15 de julho de 2008...

More information about Astor Silva can be found in the  Dicionario Cravo Albin da Musicar Polular Brasileira . He died in 1968. I have not found videos with Astor Silva himself at youtube. There is also some information about Astor Silva in the Loronix Blog - a great resource for the Musica Popular Brasileira (MBP).

28 Chorinho pra Você - Severino Araújo

29  Choro de Memórias - Paulinho da Viola

30  Cochichando - Pixinguinha

31 Conversa de Botequim - Vadico e Noel Rosa

32  De Coração a Coração - Jacob do Bandolim

33 De Limoeiro a Mossoró - Jacob do Bandolim

34  Dengoso - João Pernambuco

35  Desvairada - Garoto

36  Diabinho Maluco - Jacob do Bandolim

37 Dinorah - Benedito Lacerda

38 Displicente - Pixinguinha

39 Do Sorriso das Mulheres Nasceram as Flores - Eduardo Souto

40  Doce de Côco - Jacob do Bandolim

41  Doutor Sabe Tudo - Dilermando Reis

42  Enigmático - Altamiro Carrilho

43 Espinha de Bacalhau - Severino Araújo

44 Eu quero é Sossego - K-Ximbinho Hianto de Almeida

45 Feitiço - Jacob do Bandolim

46 Flor Amorosa - Joaquim Callado

Flor Amorosa was composed by Joaquim Callado in the 19t, century. Callado is said to have used the term "choro" for the first time in history. Youo can find more information about Flor Amorosa, the composer and some links in the  Choro Blog

47 Fogo na Roupa - Altamiro Carrilho

48 Forró de Gala - Jacob do Bandolim

49 Gadú Namorando - Alcyr Pires Vermelho

50 Garoto - Tom Jobim

51 Glória - Pixinguinha

52 Graúna - João Pernambuco

53 Harmonia Selvagem - Dante Santoro

54 Haroldo no Choro - Abel Ferreira

55 Implicante - Jacob do Bandolim

56 Inesquecível - Paulinho da Viola

57 Língua de Preto - Honorino Lopes

58 Mimosa - Jacob do Bandolim

59 Mistura e Manda - Nelson Alves

60 Modulando - Rubens Leal Brito

61 Murmurando - Fon-fon

62 O bom filho à casa torna - Bonfiglio de Oliveira

63 O voo da mosca - Jacob do Bandolim

64 Odeon - Ernesto Nazareth

65 Os Cinco Companheiros - Pixinguinha

66 Os três Chorões - Cristóvão Bastos

67 Paciente - Pixinguinha

68 Paraquedista - José Leocádio

69 Perspectivo - Cristóvão Bastos

70 Picadinho a Baiana - Luperce Miranda

71 Quando me Lembro - Luperce Miranda

This is a fantastic composition, one of the best pieces by Luperce Mirandy in my opinion. 


72 Quinta Valsa de Esquina - Francisco Mignone

73 Radamés y Pelé - Tom Jobim

74 Recado - Rossini Ferreira

75 Receita de Samba - Jacob do Bandolim

76 Remexendo - Radamés Ganattali

77 Revendo o Passado - Feire Júnior

76 Remexendo - Radamés Ganattali

77 Revendo o Passado - Feire Júnior

Revendo o passado - a composition by Freire Junior - has been played by Baden Powell, and I have found a youtube video of a TV show where he plays this piece. I have found some other videos with solo-guitar, but no video with a band.

A beautiful recording from a guitar workshop in rio in 1992 can be found in the Loronix Blog - in this version the melody is played by a bandolim, and it is played very, very well. Unfortunately there is no information about the name of the bandolim player.

This is my youtube playlist for Revendo o Passado:

78 Rio Antigo - Altamiro Carrilho

79 Rosa - Pixinguinha

80 Santa Morena - Jacob do Bandolim

81 Sapeca - Jacob do Bandolim

82 Sarau pra Radamés - Paulinho da Viola

83 Se ela perguntar - Dilermando Reis

Se Ela Perguntar is a piece that is played very often as a solo piece on the guitar, however it is also very good to be played with a mandolin  or mandolin with guitar.

I will collect some interesting videos in my Playlist Se Ela Perguntar.

84 Sensível - Pixinguinha

85 Serpentina - Nelson Alves

86 Sons de Carrilhões - João Pernambuco

87 Subindo ao Céu - Aristides Borges

88 Tempo de Criança - Dilermando Reis

89 Tira Poeira - Sátiro Bilhar e Jacob do Bandolim

90 Turbilhão de Beijos - Ernesto Nazareth

91 Um Chorinho Diferente - El Gaúcho e Ivonne Rebello

92 Um Chorinho em aldeia - Severino Araújo

93 Um Sarau para Rafael - Paulinho da Viola

94 Urubu Malandro - Loro e João Barro

95 Vale Tudo - Jacob do Bandolim

96 Valsa sem Nome - Baden Powell

97 Vibrações - Jacob do Bandolim

Wer hat noch Tipps / Videos / kostenlose mp3 etc. zu diesen Stücken? Welche Stücke gefallen euch am besten? Welche CDs könnt ihr empfehlen? Schreibt doch was in mein Gästebuch oder schickt mir eine Mail (siehe Kontakt)!

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