Recordings (mp3)

Recordings of my own compositions and arrangements

These are recordings some of some of my compositions and arrangements for mandolin.

See also page "My compositions" for recordings of the already published pieces.

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Nola by Felix Arndt (Februar 2008)

Nola has been composed by Felix Arndt for his fiancee and later wife and was a big success. Jethro Burns liked to play this piece, the solo version can be found on his LP Tea for One. I have always liked to play this piece, and in the last weeks I have tried to learn to play Nola like Jethro - and I think I am close to Jethro's version now (mandoline Gibson A9, recording with Zoom H2):


Akai Sweet Pea (Februar 2009) 

or  also:

赤いスイートピー 『Red Sweetpea』~ 松田聖子 【Matsuda Seiko】

This song is a No. 1 song of famous Japanese singer Seiko Matsuda from 1982. There is a nice video ein schönes Video des Duos Wayside  by the guitar / mandolin duo wayside from Japan. I have created a version for solo-mandolin. The recording quality is not very good - just made with my iBook, but I wanted to hear how it sounds. Maybe I will make some small changes to my version, but I think it is quite well.


El Noi de la Mare (Sommer 2008)

For Tom, who wanted to play this! (see also youtube videos of me and of Tom)


My youtube Videos

I have made many videos of my pieces and arrangements for the mandolin, you can find it here:

Recordings May 2006

Recordings of my pieces that I want to publish this year. Some of the pieces might also be interesting for the violin with small changes. If you want to try the pieces and tell me what you think about it, please contact me!

This piece is one of my favorite compositions. It does contain a little bit of "black painted stone" (as you certainly can hear) - if I ever publish this it will only contain a fainted glance of this "black painted stone" (ie. the chord progressions). It does also contain a lot of "rolling stone" (aka crosspicking) - I hope that you enjoy this music like I do!


New March 2006 - My arrangement of the folksong Linstead Market for mandolin

The following piece is called "Hervé's Dream", I have dedicated this to Hervé Coufleau who built my new mandolin. Of course it has been played on my new Coufleau mandolin.

I think this arrangement of the folksong Linstead Market is very beatifiul - I like to play it very much. What do you think? It is played on my new Coufleau mandolin, recorded on a FOSTEX MR 8 HD recorder and has been mastered with Soundstudio on my Mac Powerbook - do you like the sound?


August 2005 - I love Cappuccino and Bleibe Cool Onkel Jul!

Last year I bought a ZOOM MRS-4 4 track recorder which records to Smart Media Cards. This makes it possible to play the melody and afterwards playback the melody and record more voices.

The next piece was recorded with CUBASE on my Powermac - I think I should make a new recording with my ZOOM. Because I talk in this piece "Was? Was?" I call the recording  also "Was? Was?" - in fact it is an early version of "Kennst du Jethro" - one of the pieces in my book "Variety of blue"


Some older recordings

One of my early favorite pieces - not very easy. I think it is one of my best pieces - if you think you can play this, I can send you the sheet music on request - I would really like to hear this played by someone else!

When I played the guitar, I used to play a lot of Fingerpicking, especially I loved the fingerpicking method by Sigi Schwab. Some of my mandolin pieces are using picking techniques that ar similar to guitar picking styles. Here is one of my picking pieces called "Pick it fast!" - it hase been published in my book with the same titel "Pick it fast!"


Recordings of my favorite pieces

Rip off by Jetho Burns:

Idle Time by Mike Compton / Nashville Bluegrass Band


Blackberry Jam

Pieces played by our Band Blackberry Jam, recorded in 1999


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